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Midget Evaluations (2/27/08)...

Hello Parents and Players, 

We have received several inquiries regarding the Midget evaluation process. Please take a few minutes to review the below to get a better understanding of our evaluation process at the Midget level particularly if you are either new to the Midget Level or new to Cockeysville. Please take note of the schedule as well.
The evaluation process for our spring program actually begins for most players during indoor.  When we split the boys into teams for indoor, we do our best to place the boys in situations where they have the opportunity to further develop their skills, challenge their abilities and, most importantly, have fun.  This same process is used in creating our spring teams.
Once indoor play begins, we grade out our evaluation process.  At any level of play (A, B or C), if a player begins to dominate play during games, we have placed them too low. If they struggle during games, we have placed them too high. And, if they are holding their own, we have placed them at the proper level of play.  We take note of this, and if necessary we move players up or down accordingly.  This past indoor season we moved an entire team down a level of play to achieve our objectives listed above.  While parents & players were disappointed by the move, they thanked us afterwards since this created competitive games on a weekly basis.
Spring Evaluations:
Our 2008 Midget program currently has 92 players registered.  We have 79 returning players and 13 new players in our 08 program.  We are fortunate that of the 79 returning players, the coaches know 77 of the boys, as we have coached them at the in-house, indoor and/or travel level over the past several seasons.  In regard to the 13 new players, 5 of them have attended evaluations and Tom & I have introduced ourselves to those 5 players and also their parents.
To begin evaluations, the coaches reviewed the list and felt it was best to create two groups of approximately 45 players, vs. one group of 90.  The two groups were created based on indoor play, as well as the past history of each player.  At this point we felt it best to not place names on the boys’ helmets, since our initial evaluations are based on playing ability only, and not the players’ name. 
We have also split out the coaches so that no coach is put in a position to evaluate their own child.  We feel this insures that no one is placed on a team because his father is the coach.  If the father intends to coach, and his son falls on the C team, that is where the father coaches.
As soon as the two groups were created, if any coach noticed a player who "stood out" of the crowd based on their ability (good or bad), they were moved to either end of the field.  During the water breaks, the coaches again reviewed the list, and boys were moved accordingly.  At this point, over three-dozen players have moved back and forth between the two groups, often more than once.  The coaches have met over a dozen times during evaluations to make sure the boys are placed within the proper group.  Again, the players move back and forth based on their ability and not their name.  We are still in this stage of our evaluations, and we hope to finalize these two groups by Sunday, March 3rd.  With that, if any player/parent feels they have not had the opportunity to try out for a specific team, all you need to do is ask.  We have sent several players (at the boy’s request) to the other end of the field to be evaluated for a higher team already. 
Once the two groups have been finalized, names go on the helmets and the evaluation process starts over.  The coaches now begin to work with their respective groups (A coaches w/A players, B coaches w/B players, etc...) for the remainder of the evaluation process.  We will split each group into two sub-groups (teams) and continue until we feel we have everyone placed on the proper team.  Weather permitting; we plan to have this process complete by the 2nd weekend in March as we hope to have outdoor evaluations on March 2nd, 3rd & 5th.

One final note in regards to the evaluation process.  At the younger age groups (Tyker & Lightning) the players that excel at catching, throwing, and carring the ball impress the coaches during evaluations.  At the older levels (Midget & Junior) it's what you are doing without the ball that impresses the coaches.

There are no practices or evaluations scheduled this week at the Midget Level. In light of the Baltimore Face-Off Classic, there will be no practice Saturday, March 1st. Our next practice will be Sunday, March 2nd at County Home Park, weather permitting (time to be posted). Please note that we also have Cockeysville Middle School as an alternate site through mid-March. These fields tend to drain a little better and are sometimes used over the weekend.
Our Fields Permit takes effect on March 1st. We will have evening practices beginning Monday, March 3rd. The Midgets will practice Monday and Wednesday evenings at County Home Park & Cockeysville Middle School throughout the month of March. Specific practice times will be posted shortly.
As always, please check the website regularly for schedule changes.
Have a great week,

Tom & Brad