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Maryland Indoor Lax

Youth Division Rules, Conduct and Points of Emphasis ’06-'07

The Maryland Youth Indoor Lacrosse League played at the Perring Athletic Club and the Owings Mills Sports Complex has always been modeled after the field game. Our indoor game will continue to function as a supplement to the field game and, as such, will be governed by the current MYLA rules of play. So as to accommodate the differences in the field and the game time, some exceptions have been built into the rules of play.

Every effort will be made to accommodate all players who wish to participate; however, since field time is very limited, admission into the league will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In an effort to achieve the safest possible competitive experience for all players, we will give special attention to the following:


  • Comments: Any inappropriate comments (derogatory, insulting, or inflammatory)

    Directed by any adult toward a player on the opposing team will be penalized immediately and a second comment will result in an expulsion. ZERO TOLERENCE!!

  • Boarding: One of our foremost points of emphasis. 

    Any intentional action by an Offensive or defensive player which results in an opponent or himself

    Striking the boards will be penalized. EXCESSIVE BOARDING MAY RESULT IN LEAGUE EXPULSION!!

  • "Fisting": The accepted defensive technique of a player using his hands while close together on his own crosse to push his opponent with the ball from the front or side is legal. 4 points of legality will be closely monitored:

      • The crosse must not strike the offensive player.
      • The thrust must not be a punishing blow.
      • The contact must be made from the front or side (only equal pressure if contact is from the rear).
      • Thrusts that result in a blow to the head or neck will be assessed a penalty.
  • Delay: Field time is precious!  The officials will continue to work hard to maximize the playing time available to the players. Any action unintentional or otherwise – by a player or a team that delays the restart of the game beyond an acceptable point will be penalized. second delay maximum on all restarts – 1 warning to each team! 

  • Equipment: 


    Crosses - Legal length 

        7/8 year olds 36"- 48"

        9/10 year olds 36"- 48"

        11/12 year olds 40"- 48"

        13/14 year olds 40"- 48"

    Legality checks 

        per coach’s request

        by officials at halftime

        at official’s discretion

    Penalty Any illegality (7/8 year olds excepted) will be assessed a 1 minute NR penalty. Only deep pocket violations can be corrected and return to the game.

    Conduct: Conduct by all participating individuals – players, coaches, spectators, and

    officials – is expected to be positive, non-abusive, and a good influence

    on all other participants -–especially the players. Coach’s responsibility extends to his staff, players, and spectators. Conduct will be governed by MYLA guidelines and extreme instances will bedealt with by expulsion (immediate expulsion from the game area under penalty of forfeiture of game) and a report to the League.

  • All spectators are to stay out of the team bench areas.

  • Coaches will not be permitted to "call" the game from the sidelines.

Game Time:  

Two 25 minute halves of play for 11/12 and 13/14 year olds.

Four 10 minute quarters of play for 7/8 and 9/10 year olds.

Game time will be 60 minutes. If a game commences after the hour, the officials will exert all efforts to allow the team a full 50 minutes of playing time by reducing halftime break. Possible exceptions would be the last game of the evening, injuries, or a game delayed by a team not having enough players.

Field time has precedence over game time. All games should start and stop on the designated time for that field. Teams must be ready to play immediately at the designated starting time and at the conclusion of any time stoppage. A single warning will be given and subsequent delays will be assessed a delay of game penalty. Game time runs continuously from the opening face off until the end of the quarter/half. With 2 minutes left in the game, the game clock will be start/stop if the score is or becomes 2 or less points apart.

Halftime 5 minutes or shorter


  • NONE for 11/12 or 13/14 year olds
  • One/Qtr (2 minutes duration) for 7/8 & 9/10 year olds.

5 minute on-field warm-ups prior to the start of the game.

No overtime play – tie games at the end of regulation remain a tie.

All substitutions are ‘on the fly’ – SHORT DELAY FOR SUBS ON PENALTY!!

Penalty Time:

Penalty time runs only when the ball is in play – not after goals,
during timeouts, etc. A player serving a penalty serves his time in the designated penalty box. 7/8 year olds simply leave the field for 30 seconds and may be substituted for immediately. Release is only by expiration of penalty time or a goal by the offended team. NR penalties are released by the expiration of time only. Any player accumulating 5 minutes of personal fouls may not continue in The game. A player may also be ejected from the game at theofficials’ discretion.


Unintentional Boarding is a releaseable 1-3 minute penalty. Intentional or Violent Boarding is a non-releaseable 1-3 minute penalty. Additionally, the player who committed the infraction must remain in the penalty box for a total of 5 minutes. Therefore, the player’s team is a man short for the full penalty time but the offending player remains out of the game for a full 5 minutes of playing time. Boarding is not just a defensive infraction! An offensive player that intentionally drives a defensive player into the boards or throws himself into the boards as a means of drawing a penalty on the defensive player is guilty of boarding. 


A stalling warning may be given to a team anytime during the game that the officials believe the team to be intentionally withholding the ball from the play of the game. Additionally, an automatic stalling warning will be given to the team (7/8 year olds excepted) that is ahead in the last 2 minutes of the game. A team having received a stalling warning must get the ball – unless defensive pressure prohibits their doing so – inside of the restraining line (red line) immediately and keep the ball inside of the zone. If the ball comes outside of the zone – except as the result of a defensive deflection or a shot – the ball will be awarded to the defensive team. After a goal, each team must be ready to faceoff within 20 seconds from the time that the official retrieves the ball from the goal. Failure to comply is a delay of game infraction.

Unnecessary Roughness:

The safety of the players is the officials’ foremost objective. Keeping safety in mind and emphasizing tht the focus of this league is to develop lacrosse skills, any player’s action that unduly endangers another player will be penalized or ejected from the league. As is true in the outdoor game, any intentional action that in the opinion of the officials is excessively violent will be penalized. This aspect of the indoor game will be called tighter than it is outdoors.


Other Rules: 

  1. One handed checks are considered a slash.
  • A free clear is granted after a goal to the team that is 4 or more goals behind.
  • The goalie doesn’t serve his own penalty time unless it is Unsportsmanlike.
  • Conduct or a violent personal foul. The official will designate a player to serve.

  • Any time serving penalty assessed against the bench will be served by an on-field player designated by the official.

    1. Melvin R. Manson, League Commissioner 

      Wes Bachur, Supervisor of Officials