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Pockets Program Overview...  

Pockets is our entry level program for boys & girls playing their 1st year of rec lacrosse.  Pockets is open to all players between the ages of 4 & 5.   

The primary purpose of the Pockets program is to introduce the sport of lacrosse to the boys and teach them the basic fundamentals of the game (scooping, throwing & catching) with a basic introduction to field positions (trying to avoid the pack of boys chasing the soccer ball
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Pockets begins early March and will run to the weekend before Memorial  Day.  You can expect one weeknight practice and one Saturday morning practice, with each lasting about 1 hour.  Exact weeknight schedules will be posted shortly, once we have final field assignments from the rec council.

You can expect to begin the season primarily with practices, and then you will move to a practice/scrimmage format as the season progresses.  We do not keep score, there is no checking and the boys play with a real lacrosse stick and a soft lacrosse ball. 

Expect additional details to be posted on our website as we near the beginning of the season. 

As always, if you have any questions, thoughts or concerns please send us an email to:

Enjoy your season!



Spring Evaluations...
The Pockets program does not hold evaluations as teams are typically selected to pair friends with one another.  
Field Locations...


TBA for 2019