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Parents Code of Conduct

As a Parent, I acknowledge the importance of being involved in my child's recreational activities.  

  • I will introduce myself to my child's volunteer coach/leader and will exchange pertinent information with them.
  • I will know who is transporting my child to and from any recreational activity.
  • I will know my child's schedule-practice days, dates and schedules.
  • I will help ensure a drug, alcohol and tobacco-free environment for my child.
  • I will place the emotional and physical well being of my child ahead of any personal desire to succeed.
  • I will provide support for coaches and leaders working with my child to provide a positive, enjoyable experience for all.
  • My child and I will treat other participants, spectators and officials with respect regardless of race, sex, creed or ability.
  • I am aware of the fact that the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks does not provide background checks on volunteers, because experts, including the Baltimore County Police Department, agree that parental involvement is a more effective means of protecting children.

 I will honor the ROOTS of the game...

  • Rules – I agree to refuse to bend the rules to win.  I will honor the letter and spirit of the rules at all times.
  • Opponents – I agree to treat opponents with respect.  A worthy opponent is a gift that brings out the best in our abilities.
  • Officials – I agree to treat officials with respect at all times.
  •  Team - I agree care for every player on my team as well as every player within our program. 
  •  Self – I promise to live up to my own standards even when others don’t.

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You can download a copy of the Parents Code of Conduct here.